About us:

We are a small team of certified security professionals that include: Java, Python and C+ Developers, I.T Professionals, Pentetration Testers and Network Engineers and Security Specialists.

Certifications held by members of our team include: eJPT, CCNA CyberOps, CCNA Routing and Switching, CompTIA Security+ and Associates in Information Security.

Our Story:

Our team certainly has humble beginings but that is what enables us to offer services at affordable prices for our customers and ultimately do something we are all very passionate about.

The Cyber Security and Information Security community is an interesting place that encompasses all walks of life from all parts of the world, where Hackers mingle with Developers, Security Engineers, Networking Specialists and Researchers from around the Globe.

It's long been said that there's a massive shortage in the field that needs to be filled and while that may be true, if you have ever tried to break into the industry it sure doesn't feel that way.

While job postings are plentiful, landing that dream job usually requires not only having certifications and training but also years of experiance in the security industry, even for Junior postions!

So how are they going to fill those gaps? One would think that eventually the demand will outweigh and outpace the desire to pay experienced people Junior salaries, but for those who have dedicated a lot of time and money to become proficient in their craft and search out the knowledge and education to attain the qualifications and certifications needed to hopefully one day land that dream job, it's of little comfort.

Well, we are 5 of those individuals who put forth the time, money and effort but rather than wait for the opportunities to present themselves we decided to create our own opportunity.

We came togeather through the community and found that we all had something valuable to offer and that we were all trying to acheive the same goal, that's when we decided to take matters in to our own hands, and thus
"First Strike Cyber Security" was born.

We understand small businesses may feel restricted by the costs of larger security firms and we aim to provide those services at a resonable price while continuing to grow and build ourselves.

We may be small, just like your business but we have a passion for what we do, just like you!

Our Team:

  • Damon Franklin

    Offensive Specialist, Virtual Appliances, Pentester

    PenTester, Java, Python, C+, Linux Admin, Vulnerability Hunting, Exploit Development, Associates Information Security

  • Jay Wilson

    Offensive Specialist, Pentester

    eJPT PenTester, TCP/IP, IDS/IPS, Python, Bash, Developer of UbuntuStrike

    • Craig Underhill

      Pentester, Network Engineer

      eJPT PenTester, CCNA CyberOps, CCNA Routing&Switching, CompTIA Security+, Network Engineer

    • Jason Romero

      Defensive Specialist,Analyst, Pentester

      CCNA CyberOps, CompTIA Security+, Bachelor's Cyber Security (December 2019)

    • Maurice Nash

      Offensive specialist, OSINT, Social Eng, Pentester